SOL Group of Companies is a specialist in wholesale telecommunications, SOL Group of Companies - originally founded in Tanzania, today has its headquarters based in UK, with 20 offices placed globally in 5 continents. Sol provides service on global scale with 19 years of experience in the mobile industry, attracting a broad range of partners and customers.

Slowness of mails was largely faced issue affecting productivity of company, when you involved in B2B marketing it’s about making volume transaction within narrow time frame.

Unwanted/Spam mails, addressing unwanted mails receiving in inbox was another hazardous for all of employees.

And Most important was Groups/Mailing lists and keeping id’s discrete, for their legacy mail server which was not available.

Switched to GApps which resulted increasing mail response time and uptime.

Auto marking of SPAM/Unwanted mails by Google server saved every morning’s exercise of moving mails out of inbox.

Google group for business provided to fulfill several requirements like creating mailing, including outside organization users in groups, control who can reply and keeping those mailing list open for everyone on internet or team/organization level.

Shivaami was just the solution Amkette Analytics was looking for. Shivaami enabled Amkette implement G Suite for users across its multiple operations. Freshdesk helped in generating tickets. Compliance setting enabled department heads to monitor mails. G Suite facilitated email access on multiple devices with POP connection using recent keywords. Google mobile management enforced policies on employee mobile access. G Suite was easy to set up and was operational in a very limited time. Gmail made communication easier and more streamlined.

G Suite transformed the way the company did its business. Communication across the company’s diverse operations became streamlined. It was now easier to communicate, monitor and coordinate activities and exchange ideas. It became a seamless operation that motivated teamwork and the results became evident in a very short time.

Legacy mail server did not have IMAP and all id’s were configured with POP, so old data was available in PST. New Google account was configured with IMAP so they can refer their old mails and move/copy any important mails to Gmail profile.

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