Mukta Arts

Mukta Arts is an Indian film production company.It operates as an entertainment company that primarily produces motion pictures. The company is also involved in the production, distribution, and exhibition of films, serials and entertainment software; equipment hiring; and generation and distribution of contents for the entertainment industry. Mukta Arts is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Mukta Arts aging Logix offered a measly 2GB mailbox size, and limited mobility options moreover, accessing email remotely was a challenge, Backups and upgrades were at risk; it worked occasionally.

One of the results of the company’s rapid growth was the challenge of supporting a distributed network with a variety of computers and configurations. Configuring mail services in each new computer, including MS Outlook profiles required a significant amount of time . Additionally, every location had a variety of computers each with different configurations which made supporting even more difficult.

And Most important was Groups/Mailing lists and keeping id’s discrete, for their legacy mail server which was not available.

With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, Mukta Arts Team. made the switch to Google Workspace in Dec 2015.

The deployment services consisted of

  • Bulk provisioning of existing accounts.
  • Email and contact data migration for existing users accomplished through IMAP migration and other methods.
  • Identified users by their access rights for mails and other apps like drive, google sites. Created OU’s depending on these policies.
  • URL and Logo Customization.
  • Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO) setup for outlook users.
  • Device Management.
  • File storage and File share using Google Drive.
  • Change Management and online training.

Mukta Arts Team needed to find a solution that would let them to use their technology staff more efficiently and keep their customers productive and happy. They had to find a reliable email platform that integrated calendar, contacts and documents. It also need to be inexpensive. Google Workspace fulfilled the requirements to support the business.

Google Workspace for work offers 250 times the email storage of their legacy environment at 30GB. Users get secure access to Google Workspace on any modern web browser on any device, including mobile phones.

Two areas that most users have seen a direct impact are

  • Enabling their mobile workforce; employees now have the access they need when they need it via their mobile devices or Gmail account from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Enabling device management policy allowed the internal IT team to control Gmail setup accounts.

    Mukta Arts Team started using Google Calendar to improve the visibility over their employee’s schedules. This has helped to decrease the administrative hassle involved in scheduling meetings. The business has also extended the use of Calendar for internal administrative purposes where they keep track of important dates such as employee’s birthdays which results to a better team bonding.

    Google Drive has made the sharing and storage of such large-sized files easier. This has resulted in improved collaboration among employees who no longer need to depend on inefficient file transfer through emails. Employees collaboration has improved as team members are now more inclined to utilise tools like Google Hangouts instead of calling each other on the phone to check on their working task. Large files can be shared easily with Google Drive, this feature was not available with previous E-mail solution.

    Internal communication has also improved with the team using Gmail, Drive, Google+ and Hangouts to discuss and share important information and initiatives across the company wherever and whenever required.

Legacy mail server did not have IMAP and all id’s were configured with POP, so old data was available in PST. New Google account was configured with IMAP so they can refer their old mails and move/copy any important mails to Gmail profile.

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